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Where has the time gone?

When you (Universal You speak) add a blog to a site, you should be committed to keeping it fresh and current. Wow, I have not done that! I have been plenty inspired and done some great paintings as a result, but I have failed to share that in this blog. I thought about taking it down but decided to just make an honest entry about my remissness. (I think I just coined a new word.)

Anyway....this summer I've been particularly inspired by our hummingbirds. I've been getting down low and taking photos of them silhouetted against the beautiful New Mexico skies, then incorporating them into paintings. I'm working on mixing elements of realism with my abstract expressionistic style and these little floaty guys are the perfect "real" thing!

I started with a series of three paintings which had them against a rainy sky (see The Three Tenors under New Works tab.) My next batch will be against blue and gold sunset skies. Here is an example of my photos that are inspiring these works:

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