"Remember" - Be Still and FEEL Patience

I had lunch with my beloved Aniesa Thames (Holistic Facilitator & Ecologist of the Soul thecouncilofself.org) yesterday at one of our favorite spots - the patio at Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We talked about my art and Aniesa reminded me of how vital it is for me to put feelings of love in my paintings. I should not "think" the process (thoughts like "will the viewer be able to see patience in this painting?") because none of that matters. All that matters is to FEEL the loving patience and allow that to flow. Thank you Aniesa for that precious reminder.

Nature inspirations

I'm always amazed at the vibrancy of color found in nature. When we think of "earth tones" we think of brown and blue hues - not often bright orange! These beauties were all along a New Mexico hike in the Santa Fe Baldy area.

My stock photography images

I take photographs and sell them as royalty free photos through Photospin. You can check them out here: https://www.photospin.com/results.asp?keyword=Molly+DeVoss&from_site=yes&from_site2=yes&new_search=yes&library=classic

A muse stole my thinking chair

Sitting on the portal enjoying my morning cup of java. Got up for a minute to get the ipad and came back to a furry chair.

Patience Process

I'm working on the Love Series piece titled Patience today. This is one of the ten works in the 1C13 (1Corinthians:13) Love Is group. "Love is patient" is the inspiration of this work. I keep asking myself, "What does patience look like?" I'm torn between a more literal translation vs abstract. My first plan was a seated meditating figure in a large circle, but the more I think aout it the more that feels trite. A small voice within says, "be patient and the vision will come." Ah the lessons in the process.

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