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Molly is the founder of MDVC Creative, a leader in marketing and business development in Dallas for over twenty years. The guru of corporate design, she is also an accomplished artist. DeVoss' art hangs in many private collections. She has exhibited in numerous group shows and has been featured in one woman shows at Trinity West Fine Art Gallery as well as other venues throughout Dallas and Santa Fe.



Artist Statement

I aim to capture passion on a surface - and texture. I like to think of it as the texture of life. And like life, it's not always shiny and perfect; it's raw and real. I'm challenged with keeping the art fresh and not over-worked. Frequently my paintings look like drawings.


Present moments in time are captured in my art - movement, transitioning, feelings, and shifts - and often the human/animal spirit form emerges. Each painting tells a story, enhanced by my handwritten quips and/or pages from rare books. All of my art is drenched in Loving Light.

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